Hatched in 2008, Blue Bird Bake Shop began with a combination of a love of cupcakes and a lot of friendship. Months went by, recipes were tried, cupcakes were tasted, and tasted, and tasted, waistlines grew and plans were put in place. 2010 sees us opening our doors!

Baked from scratch and in small batches, our cupcakes are made fresh daily. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, real butter, fresh fruit and Dutch-processed cocoa are just a few of the quality ingredients we use. Our passion for baking doesn’t stop there. Brownies, cookies, scones, muffins and other bakery fare are also on the menu. New recipes are always coming together in our kitchen, so you never know what unexpected treat you may be taking home.

Who loves coffee? We do, we do! And we are excited to be partnering with Seven Sisters Coffee, a fair trade, organic coffee company based right here in Orlando. We think their coffee is tops. Dark roast, light roast, and decaf are all available by the cup or whole bean in the bag. We’ll even grind it for you.

Great food, friendly staff, good music, and comfortable surroundings are things you can expect to find at Blue Bird Bake Shop. Come alone or bring friends, we can’t wait to meet you.

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